Postalco - Card Holder

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20 years ago POSTALCO began by creating document holders and notebooks, but since then have turned their attention to many other items, including wallets, clothing, furniture, pens, and bags. Founded in Brooklyn, New York by Mike and Yuri Abelson, Postalco is now based in Tokyo. Inspired by communication on paper, our logo is the carrier pigeon.

Card holder -wrapped in a single piece of finished edge leather.

Two inner pockets are flat but expand to hold an assortment of cards and folded bills. Perfect for carrying the essentials. Pressed Cotton fabric and calfskin. Handmade in Japan.

Two card pockets

Put your own business cards in one pocket and ones you receive in the other. Or use as a slim wallet to hold your commuter passes, cards and folded bills.


Easy access

Constructed in a way that allows the pocket to open wide. Squeezing from the sides opens up the pocket so you can easily take out your cards.


Contains no snaps or zippers

Slides smoothly in and out of your pockets.


Folds flat when empty

Expands to fit 15 to 20 business cards or 8 to 10 credit cards.


Ages like a river stone

Pressed Cotton pockets that age beautifully over time as the weave pattern becomes more apparent.


Make it last

We’re at a turning point where we can't just keep throwing everything away. Things that last a long time, and look good doing it, mean a less disposable daily life.