Brunkullans Tea

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Nordic Sencha Blend: The original Brunkullan green tea. A green sencha tea with a fresh, delicate, warm, citrus like taste. Well balanced so you can drink it all day long, with all kinds of food just as the Japanese do. Brew this tea with 75-80ºC warm water for perfect taste. 

Nordic Winter Blend: Well-balanced and full. An exciting organic black tea, perfect to make as a “Chai-Latte”. Brew a strong cup and add warm milk.  Clear taste of caramelized fruit such as apples, citrus, hibiscus with notes of cinnamon and other spices.

Rooibos Nordic Blueberry: Organic rooibos tea flavoured with natural blueberry aroma, fennel and pure vanilla. The tea is decorated with beautiful blue cornflowers. Sweet and fruity in its character. A real taste adventure with a Nordic touch.

Rooibos Nordic Lady: The original Brunkullan rooibos blend. A  fruity, fresh and well-balanced refreshing rooibos with premium bergamot oil and slightly creamy notes. Suitable to enjoy and savour in the evening for relaxation before bedtime. Perfect for an iced brew pot.

Swedish Breakfast Blend: A classic organic breakfast tea blend at its best. The blend is based on an Assam TGBOP, Vietnamese FBOP and a South Indian FBOP. Pure and simple – like Swedish design. A well-balanced and typical breakfast blend with a sudden fruity and a light chocolate character. Perfect to drink with or without milk, and together with lightly spiced food or snacks.

Swedish Earl Grey: This is the Original Brunkullan black tea blend, a secret recipe since 1977. A timeless blend with a refreshing note of premium bergamot oil and the subtle twist of lemon. Sip and savour as a delicious morning wake-up call and afternoon pick-you-up, preferably with milk.

Brand Description 

Named after the Black Vanilla Orchid, a rare flower found in Jämtland Sweden, BRUNKULLANS TEA is a maker of pure, fine organic teas that keeps the passion and traditional good taste alive.