Black Letters - String Incense

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Incense is a sacred scent and Black Letters wants to bring it closer to you. You can enjoy the scent by lighting the string as you would an incense stick and you can decide how long it burns by cutting the string at different lengths.

A playful product, string incense can be used for gift wrapping or can be tied into playful knots when burned. 

Size: 2mm x 2m roll

Approximate burning time: 10cm burns for 10 minutes 


Foggy Forest: A woody scent that is a little heavy, like being lost in a fog

Smoky lavender: A smoky lavender scent with a heavy, enveloping feel. 

Warmhearted flower: An elegant floral scent that calms the mind

How to Use 

1. Remove the incense string from the bottle.

2. Cut the string to the length you want, or attach the incense clip provided without cutting it.

3. Light the tip of the string and blow out the flame immediately.

4. Place the provided incense mat on a non-flammable plate. If you do not place the incense mat on the plate, the flame may not burn because the plate or figurine will absorb the heat.

Brand Description 

Black Letters originated in the city of Chichibu in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan, an area renowned for its plant life and other natural resources with powerful healing properties. This has associated Chichibu with 'Megumi' (meaning nature's blessing) that ties the local people, their history and the natural world around them together. Black Letters uses the blessed resources of Chichibu to create sacred incense whose beautiful scents carry with them the healing properties that have protected Chichibu for decades.