Basshu - Cotton Pile Blanket (Bandana print)

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You can use it on the sofa in the living room when its chilly or take it to the sea as a large beach towel. In that way, Basshu has made a blanket of pile fabric that can be easily used in a wide range of scenes from inside the house to the outdoors. 

In addition, high water absorption and quick drying are added so that you can wash at home without hesitation. It has a smooth texture and is of a quality that the whole family can use with peace of mind.

  • Size: 85 x 130cm
  • 100% Cotton

Brand Description 

Now that cheap mass-produced products are being thrown away one after another, BASSHU wants to create reliable products that will last for a long time. Focusing on manufacturing a product that continues to grow in texture with the steps of the user over a long period of 10 to 30 years, BASSHU have created a fabric with deep colours, a natural and soft texture, and a vibrant expression whose richness increases every time you wash it.