August Sandgren - Book Box Surplus Leather

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The Bookbox is Sandgren's bestselling box and was the first of August Sandgren’s aesthetic boxes for storage. The box is named ‘The Bookbox’ as it takes its origin from the beautiful old bookboxes, in which people would place their most valuable books to take extra good care of them.

This Bookbox is crafted in the most exquisite surplus leather from one of August Sandgren's amazing surplus leather partners e.g., Ecco Leather, Sorensen Leather and Fredericia Furniture. Crafting the box from natural surplus materials means that sometimes there are small colour variations between batches and smaller – almost invisible – natural marks. We call it perfectly imperfect. 

The fusion Bookbox is a small but tall box, and it is amazing for smaller treasures and personal belongings at home or at the desk in your office. Dimensions: 21/16/9 cm

The Medium Bookbox is great for the small piles of clutter on your desk or shelves. With its A5 size, it can hold your everyday objects or your most cherished belongings, helping to create order and ease in your surroundings. Dimensions: 26/20.5/6.5 cm (A5 in internal measures)

The Large Bookbox is the biggest of Sandgren's boxes, and easily holds your large piles of clutter – in your home and office space. Use it for pens, remote controls, handheld devices, notebooks, post-its, chargers, and anything else that takes up space and disturbs the eye, but which you need within immediate reach, or keep your most cherished belongings safe and stored perfectly. Dimensions: 36/26/8.5 cm (A4 in internal measures)

Brand Description 

In an era of clutter and chaos, August Sandgren provides unique handcrafted storage objects for all your small piles of clutter. It is a modern company built on old traditions, carving its way in a world marked by our constant quest for progress; a quest, which puts our planet and its inhabitants under increased pressure. More often than not, we lose valued traditions in the process. Some, fortunately, lay dormant until rediscovered; transferred to our modern-day mindset to prove the idea that old crafts still hold value and might even teach us a thing or two about quality and sustainability. August Sandgren is one such tradition, adapted to suit the modern lifestyle.