August Sandgren - A5 Notebook

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This Notebook pays homage to August Sandgren’s heritage of book binding. It can hold all your ideas, scribbles, and mind-clutter. Meant to last forever, this leather Notebook is created with changeable paper inside. It comes with the first paper notebook inside.

This Notebook is cognac and made from exquisite surplus aniline leather from Sorensen Leather. The nuances may vary from the images, depending on the surplus materials available, it can be a bit lighter or darker. That’s one of the many charms of surplus materials.

The inside paper notebook can be replaced with most A5 paper notebooks.

Dimensions: One size (fits most A5 paper notebook)
Material: 100% aniline leather

Brand Description 

In an era of clutter and chaos, August Sandgren provides unique handcrafted storage objects for all your small piles of clutter. It is a modern company built on old traditions, carving its way in a world marked by our constant quest for progress; a quest, which puts our planet and its inhabitants under increased pressure. More often than not, we lose valued traditions in the process. Some, fortunately, lay dormant until rediscovered; transferred to our modern-day mindset to prove the idea that old crafts still hold value and might even teach us a thing or two about quality and sustainability. August Sandgren is one such tradition, adapted to suit the modern lifestyle.