Arita - Palace Plate

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The Palace Plate is a special plate that was originally made for the 5-star “Palace Hotel Tokyo”.
Designed by Teruhiro Yanagihara (the creative director for 1616/Arita Japan) the plate is designed in the shape of a flower with a gorgeous yet delicate beauty. 

In addition, the material of the plates is a high-density clay that is extremely heat and stain resistant (even without glaze) and can therefore be machine washed and can be put into the microwave and oven.


TY Palace Plate 110 Grey

TY Palace Plate 160 Grey

TY Palace Plate 220 Grey

Brand description

Arita 1616 is a pottery brand from Japan with real history. Its name is a testament to its craftsmanship roots – Aritayaki is a kind of Japanese pottery that originated in the ancient ceramics town of Arita, Japan, having been introduced by the Koreans in 1616. Arita’s ceramics craftsmen still thrive in this area, and drawing on local talent enabled designer and creative director Teruhiro Yanagihara to bring his vision for 1616 Arita Japan to life. Pieces today are still produced in the same factories used for 100s of years, but with a more modern approach – everyday, elegant pottery pieces of true artistry.