Arita 1616 - Round Deep Plate

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The Arita 1616 Round Deep Plate Grey is part of the TY Standard collection, pieces designed by creative director Teruhiro Yanagihara using the traditional technique of crushed clay stone, but in a custom blend that results in a high density. It’s what makes them heat and stain-resistant, even without glaze. They are dish-washer safe and the grey matte finish gives the piece an understated yet interesting look that makes it display-worthy. Everything in the collection has been designed to be multi-functional, creating a seamless, organic living experience.


160: φ160×H30mm

200: φ200×H30mm

Brand Description 

ARITA 1616 finds its roots in the ancient ceramics town of Arita, located on Kyushu Island in southern Japan. It was in Arita, in the year 1616, that Korea first introduced the art of pottery to Japan. Arita’s craftsmen still thrive in this area and drawing on local talent enabled designer and creative director Teruhiro Yanagihara to bring his vision of everyday, elegant pottery pieces to life.