AOLA - Hinoki Sake Cup Set

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This sake set is made of 100-year-old Hinoki (Japanese cypress), one of the most precious species in Japan. AOLA takes advantage of its distinct aroma, smoothness to the touch and richness in moisture, which makes them more enjoyable, lustrous and beautiful in appearance. 

Size: φ40 x H45mm

Material: Japanese Cypress, Indigo dyed

Brand Description 

Founded in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan’s biggest domestic producer of the natural indigo dye ‘Ai’ (known as Japan Blue), AOLA has developed new techniques to bring out the best of this traditional dye. Their products exhibit a rich blue that still visibly maintains the natural surface grain of the wood, unlike traditionally painted wood. Due to the nature of the process, each piece is unique in terms of the depth of colour achieved.