AIAYU - Luma Chalk

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Luxuriously soft and light thanks to an ingenuous pairing of two of nature’s most exceptional fibers - cashmere and linen – LUMA feels as natural as a second skin. This perfect combination allows for the unparalleled softness of cashmere to shine while benefiting from linen’s strength and breathability. LUMA’s classic V-neck and flattering ribbed texture make it a dream to layer. Use it as a warm inner layer on cold days or on its own during summer.

Fit Guide

LUMA has a body skimming fit yet is true to size with a flexible rib knit structure. We recommend choosing your normal size.  


60% cashmere & 40% linen blend. Our cashmere essentials have the durability of the linen and softness of the cashmere, knitted in Nepal. 


Products made from cashmere requires a little more attention than products made of other more coarser fibers. After wearing a new cashmere product you may find small balls of fiber forming on the surface. These balls are not indicative of an inferior quality – it is an inevitable consequence of the careful processing of this very fine fibre. Pills can easily by removed by hand or by using a cashmere comb.

Washing is not always necessary and it is hard on your garment and on the environment. Cashmere is a self cleaning fiber that requires less washing than other materials. To save resources, simply air your garment for a fresh start.

However, if you do wish to wash your garment, we recommend hand wash, 30 degrees, using high quality wool soap such as Eucalan or Sonett. Let the garment soak in water for 10-15 min. Rinse in 30 degree water. Avoid twisting, pressing or squeezing the water out and let the garment dry flat. Steam on medium temperature for a nice finish.

If you have a very gentle washing machine it is possible to wash your Aiayu garment in the machine on a wool program 30 degrees, low cycle. However washing in the machine is at ones own risk, as we cannot guarantee the individual program settings on washing machines.

Brand description

Bolivia is where AIAYU started in 2004 where the Danish founder Maria Høgh Heilmann fell in love with a remarkable people whose legacy of craftsmanship with llama wool – an exquisite yet little known material to outsiders – inspired her journey to build a sustainable supply chain which would respect the Bolivian people and environment.