Adachi Mari - Yonomi Sake Cup

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A yonomi is a traditional form of Japanese teacup. Taller than it is wide, with a trimmed or turned foot. These can be used for either tea or sake and are coloured in wonderfully intense indigo blue, typical of Japanese aesthetics each with its own unique design.

Cups sold individually. 

Brand Descriptions 

Adachi Mari was born and raised in Tajimi City, a specialty of ceramics, in the Tono region of Gifu prefecture. After graduating from high school, she moved to Tokyo and London. She has a strong interest in expressing with "output" and is active as a graphic designer. She became interested in the fusion of ceramics and graphics, and returned to her hometown to start making pottery in earnest.
Currently, she is exploring new possibilities of expression, which is the fusion of ceramic materials and graphics.