Milamore - Kintsugi Earring I (Single)

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Inspired by the traditional Japanese ceramic restoration method Kintsugi and the gold marks it creates when repairing shattered objects, this earring is a beauty from any angle it's viewed from. In Kintsugi we learn that ceramics are destined to crack. This is a metaphor for how wisdom and beauty is birthed from our own lived imperfections, the cracks creating unique shapes that tell a unique story. The Kintsugi collection is a tribute to honour this. 


Brand Description

MILAMORE was founded in 2019 by CEO and Creative Director George Inaki Root, built on the foundation of the love and bond between him and his grandmother Milagros. Milagros meaning ‘miracle’ in Spanish and amore meaning ‘love’ in Italian is how MILAMORE was born. MILAMORE believes in being true to yourself and designs its jewellery to integrate into your story and help express your personality.