Kinraden - EXHALING HER Silver Necklace

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A luxurious necklace in solid recycled sterling silver. The necklace has a relaxed fit, so you can wear it directly on your neck or lifted over a top. The understated elegance of this necklace provides for plenty of use with both toned down and evening wear.

With inspiration from the ancient art of Japanese wood joinery, each link has been shaped so it fits precisely into the next. Run your fingers over the necklace as it lies flat on a surface, and you will experience no resistance, yet when you lift and wear it, it comes softly alive.

Necklace, 50 cm

Brand Description 

Founded by Sarah Müllertz, KINRADEN’s jewellery design evolves from the intersection between architecture and design and is strongly influenced by Danish and Japanese design traditions. While their clear and explorative aesthetic grows from classic themes, it also harbours an inner fun rebel that experiments with sustainable materials, combining the obvious gold and silver with Mpingo wood from fine musical instrument production, creating novel and enduring jewellery designs.