Soil - Drying Block

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A surprising invention, which exploits in an original and clever way the absorbent properties of diatomite (or diatomaceous earth), a material of fossil origin otherwise used in Japan for centuries in construction: thanks to these properties, in fact, it’s possible to break the bar in the desired length and use it to insert a piece together with food and materials that need to be protected from moisture. Moreover, it is possible to reuse it indefinitely, drying it naturally underneath the sun, in order to release the absorbed moisture. To be cleaned without excessive quantities of water, which could cause it to crumble.

Brand Description 

The concept of SOIL is to capture the essence of nature in each of the products while incorporating a commitment to ecological sustainability in both its design and function. SOIL utilises diatomaceous earth to sculpt pieces that preserve the earth’s sedimentary qualities of absorption and moisture retention.