Daimonya Daruma - Wishing Dolls

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Items with a deep popular history, daruma are alive today and are the regular choice of exam students, long distance runners, politicians and anyone with a specific goal in mind. The plump papier-mâché figures were once made by under-employed silk worm farmers in the winter months, and represent Bodhidharma, the eastern carrier of Zen buddhism.  Their purpose is to help the owner achieve their goals.

Traditionally you should begin by painting the left eye (the daruma's left, your right) first, when a goal is set - adding the other eye once it is achieved.  The process of painting an eye (with a brush or marker pen) should, at that moment, impart your dream.


Mini: 5cm H x 4cm W

Small: 9cm H x 8cm W

Medium: 12cm H x 11cm W

Brand Description 

DAIMONYA is one of the most established daruma houses in Takasaki city, Gunma Prefecture, famous as the hometown of the daruma doll. DAIMONYA is led by nationally recognised traditional craftsperson Sumikazu Nakata, who paints the face of each daruma himself, applying the whiskered face design with his brush tens of thousands of times a year.