My Cup of Tea - Yuzu Kukicha Blend (70g)

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A green tea made from the stems of the tea plant blended with yuzu, an aromatic Japanese citrus fruit.

This high quality Kukicha has a deliciously savoury-sweet umami flavour and a smooth aftertaste. Yuzu peel has distinctive tart and sour notes, giving the liquor has a fresh, citrusy aroma and a highly refreshing character.

Kukicha is lower in caffeine than other teas, as the majority of caffeine is stored in the leaf. This kukicha is harvested in the spring so has a vivid green colour and delicate sweetness.

Brew: Measure 4g (1 heaped teaspoon) per 200ml cup. Infuse at 75°C for 1 minute.


Brand Description 

Starting in 2008 with a desire to offer excellent quality teas and a background in herbalism and herbal blending, My CUP OF TEA started making their own tea and tisane blends using exceptional quality herbs, botanicals and essential oils in unusual combinations. Their product range has grown to include a selection of speciality tea ware, each piece selected with a focus on both functionality and beauty.