Rototo - Checkboard Crew Socks

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The early 1980's saw a surge in ska music’s popularity, mainly in London. The checkerboard motif is known as the symbol of 2 Tone Records, one of the initiators of the boom.

Featuring the iconic pattern, these crew socks are carefully manufactured by a special machine to make the yarn ends on the backside of the pattern knitted in for a smooth feel. The eye-catching design will surely accentuate your look.

Material: 46% Cotton, 46% Acrylic, 6% Nylon, 2% Polyurethane 

Brand Description 

ROTOTO socks are crafted in Japan utilising a mix of sustainable materials and advanced technology to produce socks that are the epitome of style and fit. Utilising old-school manufacturing techniques and the finest yarns, ROTOTO works hard to ensure that each pair of socks offers functionality alongside a strong aesthetic.