Bizen - Moisturizing Soap With Organic Wholegrain Rice

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Solid and foaming, the Bizen soap cleanses the face and body in the same soft gesture with a comfortable foam. Allow a delicate aroma of rice to envelop you in a bubble of serenity.

Rice Fermentation:

The fermentation process releases precious active ingredients such as amino acids, ceramides and fibres which hydrate, protect and treat the signs of aging.

From rice field to the skin:

Bizen revitalizes wasted rice fields, and is part of a circular economy where residues are transformed into value-added ingredients.

How to use

Lather the product in the palms of your hands. Cleanse your face with the foam and rinse gently with lukewarm water.

Its creamy and generous foam makes it suitable for shaving.

Brand Description 

BIJO’s mission is to introduce the Japanese well-being lifestyle to the European public through the fundamental concept of beauty 美 (bi in Japanese). The character 美 symbolizes a truly holistic approach which seeks not only to unveil beauty on the surface but also to bring it out by cultivating the sense of beauty buried deep within us, awakening all our senses.