Mitomo - Uruuru Essence Masks

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Pack of six.

Green Tea: Various natural or organic substances found in matcha have powerful antibiotic properties. These ingredients include catechins, vitamins A and C, calcium, protein, iron and potassium. As these cleansing agents clean the internal system, they purify and smooth the skin, too, eliminating any blemishes or rashes.

Rice Leaven: Rice leaven is used as a natural raw material in cosmetics. Rice leaven have various good nutritious components, such as rice protein, SOD, Beta glucan and various Vitamin B etc. This product features a unique technology that provides an intense, immediate and continuous moisturising feeling and smooth, sensitive skin.

Sake:  Sake is known to have far more moisturizing elements, often used n cosmetics, such as glycerol, or gricerine, and amino acids than other alcoholic beverages. 

Brand Description 

Fabric masks, also called “lotion masks” are inspired by the beauty rituals of geishas and were traditionally made from a piece of silk soaked in floral essence or a care oil. Since 2006, the Japanese brand MITOMO has positioned itself as a leader in the skin care market by manufacturing these high-quality masks with passion and dedication.