Stalogy - Removable Sticky Calendar

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The Stalogy Removable Seal Calendar enables you to easily create and personalise a calendar.

  • Removable, allowing to move the calendar when necessary.
  • Fully adhesive, so it doesn’t come off easily.
  • You can make your own calendar anytime.
  • 13 sheets
  • Available in 2 Sizes: S (90 mm × 137 mm), M (115 mm × 160 mm)

Brand Description 

The Japanese brand Stalogy stands for stationery, standard and technology. Hailing from Japan, the brand strives to maintain high standards and incorporates today's technologies as it creates functional stationery products. Looking to rethink the traditional notions underpinning these tools, looking to eliminate unnecessary ornamentation and function, and taking a new look at what’s really necessary in order to create the next generation of writing tools, notepads and accessories. Stalogy Notebooks are award-winning - masterfully designed, combined with high quality material. Discover year planners, notebooks, sticky notes and more.