Uka - Hand Cream (50ml)

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A light, creamy and moisturizing hand cream.

Uka’s organic hand creams are based on the same aroma concept of their iconic Nail Oils, with a focus on sublimating the skin and uplifting the mind in a simple gesture. Their perfect texture results from the blend of innovative ingredients and embracing aromas, a beautiful union between French and Japanese skills.

Hand cream 7:15 is infused with the scent of yuzu, sandalwood, cypress and other classic Japanese aromas. Soothing and relaxing, it is ideal for a meditation session. Texture: Light, smooth and moisturizing.

The 13:00 hand cream contains vibrant hints of mint and lemon combined with a refreshing pineapple aroma and the fragrant scent of spices such as may change and marjoram. It is ideal for relaxing and cooling each other. This hand cream is ideal for users who are looking to refresh and recharge. Texture: Light, smooth and moisturizing.

The 18:30 hand cream presents orange and jasmine scents infused with rose and geranium flowers. Elegant and delicate, this cream will relax your body and offer you the ultimate comfort. Reward yourself for your hard work with this wonderful hand cream. Texture: Rich and highly moisturizing. 

The base lavender notes of 24:45 hand cream are combined with orange and the sweet scent of vanilla to create a luxurious aroma. The sweet and delicate fragrance of this hand cream evokes a pleasant and calm ambience and is recommended for users who would like to enjoy a relaxing moment. Texture: Rich and highly moisturizing. 

Brand description

"uka" means "emergence" in Japanese.

Kiho Watanabe is a world renowned Japanese nail artist with six salons in Tokyo. She created Uka Nail Oil and a line of hair and body care to help women and men in today's busy world.

Uka is dedicated to using natural and organic ingredients to enhance and bring an added joy to everyday beauty routines.