Hetkinen - Metsa Calluna Scrub

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Freshen and brighten your skin with calluna, a Finnish flower from the woods.

Refresh your skin with this purple Finnish forest flower. Gentle scrub is suitable for the whole body and face to exfoliate the skin and leave the skin deep cleaned and naturally moisturized.

Calluna cleanses and balances the skin. Antioxidants of calluna help the skin to renew and protect the skin from environmental adverse factors, reduces the pores of the skin and soothes irritated skin. The fine exfoliating granules in the cream are from pumice stone and organic sugar which effectively but gently removes dead skin cells, making the skin’s surface bright and feeling fresh and deep cleansed. The coconut oil in the scrub moisturizes the skin. The scrub cream has a light natural aroma, which comes from essential oils of lavender and rosemary.

Brand Description 

HETKINEN is a Turku based Finnish lifestyle company, founded in 2018, that creates small design items and cosmetics from pine wood. The company derives inspiration from the Finnish forests and trees with an approach that is careful and minimalist. Everything is made in harmony with nature and is designed to bring people closer to the natural world in their busy everyday lives with high-quality innovations.