Eau de Ki - Lotion Hydratante

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Eau de Ki softly cleanses impurities from the surface of the skin, increases the level of moisture and strengthens the skin’s protection and regeneration functions.

During the six months maturation process of Eau de Ki, the quintessence of each of these ancestral ingredients mixes together to create a powerful synergy that maintains the balance of the skin from the inside.

Study to measure efficiency

・A significant decrease in the number, length and visibility of wrinkles after 4 weeks of use
・Increase of moisture level by 45% after 4 hours of use

Similar to a quality liquor, Eau de Ki does not have an expiration date, but a date of bottling. The quality of the elixir increases with time.

Tips for use

Eau de Ki is part of a typical Japanese beauty ritual in which every step and every gesture matters to reveal a perfectly cleansed and radiant skin.

In the morning and evening, gently wipe your face with a lotion-soaked cotton to remove impurities and softly pat your skin following above step to let the lotion penetrate.

- Normal skin:
Gently tap your face with a soaked cotton and let the elixir penetrate your skin without rinsing.

- Sensitive skin:
Add two drops of Eau de Ki to a water soaked cotton pad, wring it out and gently pass it over your skin.

- Very sensitive skin: 
Moisten your face and add a drop of Eau de Ki in your wet hands palm and gently tap your face with it.

You can also pour Eau de Ki into the palm of your wet hands and gently pat the entire face and body.