Bijo - Slim Cera +

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Ancestral knowledge and cutting-edge technologies combined in a high-performance beauty roller for a natural and relaxing face lift.

After 3 minutes of use the skin is firmed and treatments penetrate deep into the epidermis.

After 3 weeks of use (2 to 3 times a day) the texture of the skin is smoother and more transparent, pores appearance is reduced, face muscles appear plump and facial shapes are redefined. 

The Slim Cera Plus+ offers more features than the classic version, for increased efficiency:

  • The 6 rollers of the Slim Cera Plus reproduce the hand movements of a beautician, while the exerted pressures stimulate the "cosmetic points" of the facial muscles. 
  • The diamond-shaped surface of the rollers* extracts and eliminates pore impurities. 
  • The ceramic inside the roll head is made of 10 different minerals that stimulate the skin, leaving it softer and more radiant.
  • The handle contains 99.999% pure germanium handcrafted in Japan.
  • The new Slim Cera Plus+ features a solar panel that generates a micro-current with a simple indoor lighting. A series of tiny natural bio electric impulses stimulate skin cells and help fight facial aging.

Cosmetic benefits of micro-current stimulation:

  1. Increases blood and lymphatic circulation.
  2. Improves the penetration of active ingredients of skincare products.
  3. Increases the production of collagen and elastin.
  4. Increases protein synthesis, gluconeogenesis and cell membrane transport.
  5. Increases the activity of mitochondria.

The new massage function added to the tip of the Slim Cera Plus+ is used to massage and stimulate the acupressure points of the face and body for a real well-being therapy!

 Brand Description 

 BIJO’s mission is to introduce the Japanese well-being lifestyle to the European public through the fundamental concept of beauty « 美 » (bi in Japanese). The character 美 symbolizes a truly holistic approach which seeks not only to unveil beauty on the surface but also to bring it out by cultivating the sense of beauty buried deep within us, awakening all our senses.